The Basics of Buying a Family Home in Texas

The first step to purchasing a home in Texas is determining your budget and how long you plan to own the property. This guide will discuss the basics of buying a family home in Texas.

Get Pre-Approval

The average residential property value in Texas ranges between $224,500 and $339,900. The closing costs, down payment, appraisal fees, mortgage origination fees, and broker fees typically add 2-5% of the loan to the overall cost.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan is a smart move when you’re ready to place an offer on a family home. During the process, you’ll submit an application comprising your personal information. Lenders are likely to verify this data by authenticating your current assets and calling your current employer to review your work history.

Search For a Family Home

When looking for your dream family home, begin with online searches to understand the current market. This will also help you explore different neighborhoods in Texas. Seek the professional assistance of a realtor consultant or a property advisor who can help you narrow down your choices.

Those looking for a home should enlist the desired features they’re looking for to make the house-hunting process easier. Consider the overall cost, condition, size, necessary repairs, and location of your neighborhood during the process. You’ll have to visit several homes before deciding to buy one.

Consider the Location of the House

Buyers prefer a location that allows convenient access to healthcare facilities, schools, and stores. Considering these factors before making a purchase can make your day-to-day activities a lot easier.

The location of a family home within the neighborhood is another important factor to consider. For instance, if there’s a pool, recreation area, or park in the neighborhood, buyers prefer the closest available lot.

Number of Bedrooms

According to data, 10% of family homes constructed in 2015 have two or fewer bedrooms, 11% have five or more bedrooms, 36% have four bedrooms, and 43% have three. Most families opt for family homes with at least two bedrooms, and if they have children, their requirement increases. Moreover, if you have regular visitors, you can use a bedroom as a guest room.

Crunch Your Numbers

Once you’ve found a suitable family home that meets your needs, discuss making an offer with your real estate agent. However, first, you must ask about the property taxes for the county and review the closing costs linked with purchasing a house in Texas.

Keep the property tax rate in mind when making your offer, as it will affect your overall budget. On average, homeowners in Texas approximately pay $2,775 in property taxes each year. Reports demonstrate that property taxes in Texas rank sixth highest in the U.S.

Real estate professional closing the deal with a client

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