What we provide to our clients.


Find Your Next Home and
Acquire Loans for It

We combine the best of both worlds for our services, taking care of the majority of the home buying experiences. Rarely do you find a realtor and a loan officer operating in the same business, but it helps home buyers take care of all the essentials.


I imagined I’d need loan services and realtor work done separately, but Z Finance Solutions provides both of them. I was surprised at first, but it makes a lot of sense and charges a reasonable fee that makes it worth the money.

Property Hunt

 Finding the right property that fits your need.

Property Advice

Advice that can help you sell your old home for more and get a better price on the new.

Complete Realtor Service

Taking you through the real estate process from start to finish.

Guide You Through Loan Process

We help you navigate through the various steps of the loan procedure.


We help determine if your credit score dictates whether you’re eligible for a certain loan or not.


Going forward to authorities with loan application made easy.


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