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Home Purchases

Z Finance Solutions streamlines the process of buying a new home. First you need to find a property that’s within your budget and checks all your boxes, secondly you need a loan officer so you can double down on that property.

And we offer both those services to make the purchase process easier than ever.

About The Team


Matt Zavaglia

Loan Officer

Matt is a loan officer with Nexa Mortgage. He is a former fraud detective and all consults include financial free financial advice.

He can handle all your mortgage loan needs no matter what your level of experience. From first time home buyers, investors and even case be case business loans for multi door properties.


Jennifer Zavaglia


Z Finance Solutions makes finding property in Texas a breeze. Jennifer keeps an eye out for all of the potential properties that homeowners would want, keeping the budget and required features in mind for a suitable fit.

Matt helps with the loan proceedings, pulling up soft credit scores that enable people to go for the approval process on acquiring a loan for larger purchases.

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