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Our business helps with the two most important processes of acquiring your dream home, finding a suitable property that fits your needs, and getting the loan you need to make the payment on it.


Real Estate and Loan Officer Services Within One Roof


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Z Finance Solutions makes finding property in Texas a breeze. Jennifer keeps an eye out for all of the potential properties that homeowners would want, keeping the budget and required features in mind for a suitable fit.

Matt helps with the loan proceedings, pulling up soft credit scores that enable people to go for the approval process on acquiring a loan for larger purchases.

About The Team


Matt Zavaglia

Loan Officer

Matt is a loan officer with Nexa Mortgage. He is a former fraud detective and all consults include financial free financial advice.

He can handle all your mortgage loan needs no matter what your level of experience. From first time home buyers, investors and even case be case business loans for multi door properties.


Jennifer Zavaglia


Z Finance Solutions makes finding property in Texas a breeze. Jennifer keeps an eye out for all of the potential properties that homeowners would want, keeping the budget and required features in mind for a suitable fit.

Matt helps with the loan proceedings, pulling up soft credit scores that enable people to go for the approval process on acquiring a loan for larger purchases.


I imagined I’d need loan services and realtor work done separately, but Z Finance Solutions provides both of them. I was surprised at first, but it makes a lot of sense and charges a reasonable fee that makes it worth the money.

Property Hunt

 Finding the right property that fits your need.

Property Advice

Advice that can help you sell your old home for more and get a better price on the new.

Complete Realtor Service

Taking you through the real estate process from start to finish.

Guide You Through Loan Process

We help you navigate through the various steps of the loan procedure.


We help determine if your credit score dictates whether you’re eligible for a certain loan or not.


Going forward to authorities with loan application made easy.


Talk to Matt or Jennifer Today.

Residential and Investor
Loans In Texas

Best First-Time Home Buyer Loans in Texas

You qualify as a first-time home buyer in the state of Texas if:

  • You haven’t bought a property in three years
  • You had an honorable military discharge

Where home buying is concerned, labels are important because there are quite a few first-time home buyer and owners loan programs in Texas that you can take advantage of to overcome the financial barriers.

Many aspiring home buyers fold their homeownership plans when they get their first look at the down payment and closing costs involved in the process. It doesn’t even cross their mind to see if there might be statewide closing cost, home loan cost, or down payment assistance for first-time home buyers.


Commercial Loans
Anywhere In The USA.

Commercial real estate is a very broad term. While the term refers to any property that’s not situated in a residential area, there’s another aspect to it. Any property, home or otherwise, bought with the intention of generating revenue can be considered a commercial property.

Examples include “mixed-use”, Strip malls, or any residency with 5+ units. If you happen to own multiple single-family residences and want to combine them under one loan, that would be a portfolio loan. Ask me how I can help today!

I can also help with construction loans, medical facilities, hotels, gas stations.


Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Services

We search around the market for all kinds of properties, ranging from small to large family-oriented properties. These include exceptional ones like large villas.

Just reach out to us on our page, and we will provide you with the relevant information.

Financial information, such as credit history for the loan proceedings going forward.

To get pre approved I will need the following documents:
For each borrower on the loan 2 months bank statements, 2 month pay stubs, DL, last 2 year W2s


Find Your Way
Around Home Buying Programs in Texas.

You don’t have to be a first-time homebuyer to qualify for home buying assistance programs in Texas. Many statewide homeowners loan programs rely on our real estate investment advice and cater to buyers who are neither discharged military veterans nor buying a home for the first time in three years.

These home buying programs offer financial advice and enable homeowners to move from one home to the next almost right away by offering many of the same benefits outlined in the home buying assistance and home buying counseling programs. These include access to pre-approved lenders, down payment assistance, competitive mortgage loans, appealing terms, and so on.

However, when it comes to such home buying counseling programs in Texas, eligibility may or may not be limited to certain professions, regions, and similar restrictions.

In the age of financial insecurity, buying a house can seem like a distant possibility for many Texans.

Or is it?

Seek out our property experts if you need:

  • Assistance with down payment on a home
  • Closing cost advice
  • Preapproval assistance

By buying a house with an advisor in Texas, especially if it’s your first time doing so, you’ll always have someone at the helm to guide you through the process of becoming a homeowner.

So, allow us to find you a property that fits your requirements. While you’re at it, find flexible assistance with down payment, mortgage, and hands-on property expert advice through our real estate investment and house buying program advisors.

Own a home you can call your own or kickoff your property investment career by letting our house buying consultants help you navigate the unfamiliar process.

This way to the best property and real estate investment advice in Texas.

Client's Testimonails

Based on 11 reviews.
James McDade
James McDade
If you’re looking for someone to help you find the best deal possible when searching for a mortgage loan, look no further! Matt (Z) was fantastic throughout the entire process! He was super informative during our initial conversation, and you could tell from the start that he was genuinely looking out for your best interest. As a first time home buyer, there’s a lot to wrap your mind around, and Matt did a stellar job explaining the approval process in a way that was easy to understand, while also being transparent when answering any questions we had. His loan processor, Nelly, was also amazing and helped us gather everything we needed for our approval. If you’re looking for a mortgage loan, reach out to Z! You won’t regret it.
Nilufar Rasuleva
Nilufar Rasuleva
Very knowledgable Loan officer to work with. Highly recommended!
Matthew Hershey
Matthew Hershey
Z is a knowledgeable and hard-working mortgage professional. At every point in the process he was communicative and delivered a high level of professional insight. He took the time on multiple occasions to run me through various aspects of the mortgage process. His transparency throughout the process was refreshing. He was both technically proficient as well as thoughtful and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage broker. In addition, Z’s also a 20+ year Army veteran
Event Professional Specialist
Event Professional Specialist
Matt “Z” Zavaglia has been a fine example of someone who gets things done. His proven ability, experience, and dedication made the entire process seamless. My wife and I originally went to another company that made what was supposed to be an exciting moment in our life more like a nightmare and let down. Z came in like a knight in shining armor, took care of all our needs and exceeded all our expectations in a timely manner. He also has a great assistant on his side named Neha who is just as thorough as him. My wife and I are currently in our dream home thanks to this amazing gentleman. I will definitely recommend Mr. Z to anyone I know looking to get a new home. Thank you for everything!
Susan Roman
Susan Roman
All my question were taken seriously. Every question was answered quickly, thoroughly. I recommend this loan officer and lender. He helped us in every step. Thanks to Matt we finally have our own home.
Robert Anspaugh
Robert Anspaugh
Excellent and tireless effort to get the mortgage done right and on time. He also takes into account what’s right for you and gives great advice. Let Z do your mortgage, you’ll be satisfied
Leslie Miller
Leslie Miller
Matt was a breath of fresh air when it came to dealing with the financing for our new home. He was very accessible and knowledge which helped with my busy schedule. I would definitely recommend him!
Kevin Magana
Kevin Magana
Z is THE guy to have in your corner for ANY Commercial OR Residential loan transaction. He’s’ not only super knowledgeable, but a true fiduciary, who gives you advice as a friend, telling you how things work in the field– 100% transparency. He’s the Loan Officer I wish I had for the first few residential & commercial deals I made earlier on. I know who my future Commercial & Residential loan guy is.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith
Z is the man. Didn’t have a lot of time on my hands when buying my first home, and Matt made the process a breeze. Fantastic guy and highly recommend working with him.
Mario Molina
Mario Molina
Never had we met such a helpful person on top of everything a million thanks Matt Z 100 thumbs up…..

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