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Are You ready to own your own home or expanding your business!

Gather the following documents:

1. Gather the following documents for all borrowers
a) DL
b) 2 months pay stubs
c) 2 months bank statements from where you want to draw the funds
d) 2 years W2s

Do you own your own business?

e) P&L statement 1 or 2 years
f) 12 or 24 months of bank statements

2) Apply here

a) Upload the documents or email them to me directly at mzavaglia@nexamortgage.com

Want to know your credit! Want to know if you can get a home! Want to get the credit yourself so you don’t have to pay the lender!

Want your hard credit at what the lenders pay for it! This way you can get your credit and you know. Take the guess work out of it. Best part is I wont have to pull it again unless a lender requests it! Plus you can keep this!


Find our your credit here

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Business Loan Types

Asset/Income/Invoice- Do you need cash for your business to meet payroll? Acquire new business? Pay off the IRS? Money can be in your account within 48-72 hours if you are properly motivated

Acquire Property – Row homes, Business offices, strip malls, apartment complexes, senior living homes, ect. Let me know the scope, collateral, capital, and the credit involved and I can get you started and bring in over 15 lenders to meet your needs.

Make the above look eye popping I’m trying to sell a service and I need people to be interested in me. Thank you. Make it stand out. The ability to make money off a business loan is much higher