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Your Lease is Expiring – Should You Rent or Buy?

Paying rent is not the same as paying off a mortgage. This is a statement every tenant must understand when determining whether or not you should buy or rent a home. At Z Finance Solutions, we recommend home buyers in Texas take their leap to ownership with flexible house loans. But wait, how do you decide if you’re ready for the high level of responsibility that comes with homeownership?

Don’t fret and continue reading. We’ve discussed all the factors that you should consider when deciding to continue the lease or make an offer.

The Total Monetary Cost of Home ownership

Money is the topmost factor that impacts your overall ability to afford a house. As a homeowner, you must weigh down several expenses that’ll become a part of your monthly budget. The key costs of home ownership include:

1. Property Taxes

You should consult with a property manager or a real estate advisor who can calculate the total taxation amount. At Z Finance Solutions, we’ll not only help you access home loans in Texas but also seek proper home financing advisory services. As a part of the process, we’ll also estimate the origination cost, interest implications, and other realistic fee payments.

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2. Home Insurance

Homeowners must get their properties insured ASAP. As a tenant, you don’t need to worry about home insurance as it’s the landlord’s responsibility. But as a homeowner, you’ll have to pay the monthly insurance fee.

3. Home Repairs and Renovations

Once you own a house, you have to take care of it to a bigger extent. For example, as a tenant, you can notify your landlord about a possible electrical failure. But as a homeowner, you’ll have to keep tabs on maintenance and repairs and get things fixed promptly.

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You should ensure that your property’s HVAC systems to furnace and flooring—everything’s in good, working condition. If you’re up for this responsibility, talk to us about home loans and real estate advisory services now!

Can a Tenant Break a Lease to Buy?

Buying a home is not only many people’s dream but a huge satisfaction. It secures your financial standing and helps you build a stellar credit score. However, many tenants face the issue of a long-term lease that obscures their ability to sign a deal.

But the good news is that you may be able to break your lease to buy the property you’re currently renting. Moving into your own house, building robust equity, and scaling the ownership benefits are some of the key advantages of doing so. But you may face additional expenses, credit score damage, and legal ramifications if there’s a contract breach. The best way to go about it is to talk to expert property advisors in Texas.

Take a close look at your financial equity, talk to your landlord, or reassign your property if you’re unsure about the rental contract codes.

Ready to Buy? What Should You Do Now?

Feeling inclined to buy real estate instead of resigning a new lease after reading this blog? We’re thrilled to help! The first thing you must do now is to assess your home loan options in Texas. At Z Finance Solutions, we offer a complete range of real estate services from property hunt to pre-approval. We can also help you understand your current credit portfolio to apply for different home loans, mortgages, and home buying assistance programs.

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